Sweet Toof




“Young, rising and collectable art star Sweet Toof comes from a position in the art world which blurs the boundaries between street art and graffiti and has some very important things to say through his work. Royal Academy Schools furnished Sweet Toof with the fine art skills which suffuse the current studio work whilst a career as a street artist has imbued his output with a sense of freedom and irreverence common to the illegal, politicised and anti-authoritian street art graffiti genre. Sweet Toof pays homage to the persona and tools of the graffiti movement in out of context settings such as art establishment museums.

Sweet Toof has worked through a broad range of media from street wall and sculpture to modelling and painting, and in this show his sought after fine art skills as a painter are deployed to probably their finest effect to date. Sweet Toof with renowned street artists Cyclops, who has an established career as painter and auction house favourite, and TEK33, an intuitive old skool graffiti artist and painter, and collectively they may be responsible for some of the most endearing street art pieces visible in the bohemian quarters of many cities throughout the World.

Together with Cyclops and TEK33, Sweet Toof’s energetic urban art wowed critics and buyers alike in our recent Burning Candy show. Sweet Toof maintains an almost unique position within the two worlds of graffiti and street art being lauded and liked within both realms. Returning to the studio after the graffiti based ethic of the Burning Candy show, Sweet Toof has reverted a finer oil on canvas form. The familiar lurid gums with their comic grins impart a manic deranged relish to the otherwise mundane. Through those caricature gums, Sweet Toof exploits and stretches the symbolism inherent in skulls, decaying upper-crust dandies raffish crooks and villains, painted with a cartoonist glee.”

David Stuart


Dig It 2008, oil on canvas, 168 x 122cm (detail)