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June 26th, July 3th, July 17th, Sept 18th, Sept 25th 2010

Gretta Sarfaty invited friends-artists to interact with 9 sheds situated on her roof terrace overlooking Kings Cross. THE SHED is the intersection between the inside and outside, a British symbol of sanctuary that opens a new world of dreams and possibilities: Olly Beck, Gordon Beswick, Katerina Botsari, Simcha Elias, Mikey Georgeson, Russell Herron, Liz Neal, Paul Tecklenberg, Harry Pye, Jill Rock, Richard Taylor, Florin Ungureanu. Russell Herron curated shed with Marianne Spurr and Stewart Gough.

Was the original gallery space making Gretta Sarfaty claustrophobic and trapped once more? She has been using the sheds as a space to store her many lives. Here past experiences are combined with new experimentation and transformation.

February 2nd - March 2nd 2005

Christhopher Davies, Sigrid Holmwood, Simcha Elias, Joanna Whittle, Isabel Young

"My 'Origami Series' was conceived when I visited Japan. I started folding the beautiful patterned paper to produce different oriental inspired forms. Later in my studio I reconstructed these forms, with Gretta's 'Myth of Womanhood' images, forming diferent size squares that looked like kaleidoscopic patterns I then folded them to create my Family Fish and Crow Origami. I use Gretta's 'Myth Series' because her work is about woman's growth and it connected to my own life. I have been obsessed in finding and researching my own female identity as well as looking into my family origins, and where I came from?"

Crow Origami Series Installation 2005
Mixed media Origami construction with:
Gretta's Myth of Womanhood and Youth versus Gravity series, Wall paper Ink jet print: Grandalf, Crossarms and Sonata in Red
Size taken from the top:
35 x 14 x 51 cm; 70 x 19 x 46 cm; 62 x 32 106 cm



26 Argyle Square London WC1H 8AP - - + 44 (0) 20 7837 1013
2009 Sartorial Contemporary Art