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Simcha Elias

Born 1978 in London

Simcha moved with her family to Sao Paulo in1984, where she lived until 2001.
Currently lives and works in London

1999 /2001 USP, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) - BA in Fine Art
2002 'Wisdom, Impression, Sentiment' by KURODA Seiki", Chuo-koron Bijutsu, Shuppan, Japan
1992 Gretta's assistant for the film THE PORTRAIT starring Lauren Baccall and Gregory Peck, directed by Arthur Penn. The script was based on Gretta's life and her New York Soho loft was duplicated for the sets, using several of her original paintings including THE PORTRAIT

Selected Exhibitions
2010 Group Exhibition - 9 SHEDS, Sartorial Contemporary Art with: Olly Beck, Gordon Beswick, Katerina Botsari, Simcha Elias, Mikey Georgeson, Russell Herron, Liz Neal, Paul Tecklenberg, Harry Pye, Jill Rock, Richard Taylor, Florin Ungureanu. Russell Herron curated shed with Marianne Spurr and Stewart Gough.
2007 WEST EAST - British artists in Tokyo. Reciprocal exhibition between Sartorial Contemporary Art, London and Kyubidou Galleries: Ginza and Ropongi, Tokyo. Curated by Gretta Sarfaty Marchant with: Sarah Dwyer, James Jessop , Gavin Nolan, Gretta & Simcha, Tim Parr, Martin Sexton. The exhibition includes Harry Pye's publications 'Me, Me, Me and 'The Rebel' magazine
2005 Pocket-Scopic - 'Fish & Crow Origami', Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2004 Fish Origami, mixed media paintings, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2002 Digital installation - "Boxes Origami", Monique Goldstrom Gallery, New York
2002 Boxes Origami Series, Sartorial Contemporary Art Gallery, London




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