Ruth Uglow - Heathen Threshold
(with Sarah Dwyer, Tim Parr, Rui Matsunaga)
July 7 - Aug 23, 2008
Sartorial Con
In an era dominated by rationalism and scientific modernity, the artists in Heathen Threshold reclaim forbidden knowledge to see the world through the illumination of shamanism, animism, folklore, fables and ancient mythologies. Through dreaming reverie, they seek to re-possess the terrain and unearth strange and microscopic encounters coalescing with heathen passages, where individuals worship forbidden old divinities in wastelands and wild places. What they each share is an emotive connection to nature, where they find wonder, magic and romantic trancendence.

Ruth Uglow's aquatints investigate the mechanics of organic life, as a magnified sensual experience, capturing the animation of organic forms that she immerses herself within. She depicts her experience as though she were entering an inner world or cavity inside the belly of the earth, revealing her fascination with hybridization, fertility and explosive growth.

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