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Max Attenborough - Between Worlds
(with Caroline List and Isabel Young)
May 10 - June 7, 2009

Between Worlds prsents the work of three artists whose work led by memory imagination. Explored through the mediums of painting, video and model making, the works are fuelled by the mind's eye to create new environments, which draw on reality and experience to construct hybrid spaces that float between fantasy and actuality. Each individual methodically works to create a fabricated place, familiar yet far from the everyday, and seperate to our world. The viewer is transported into mysterious, fictional domains suspended between the real world and that of illusion. Attenborough's work hovers between the intricate space of minature models and the vastness of cinematic vision.

Max Attenborough constructs intricate models of minature landscapes and environments. These microcosms have often been exhibited as sculptures, while recent projects have resulted in short digital films, which give the viewer scenes of architectural structures and romantic landscapes filled with the mist, moss and panoramic sweeping scenes of a cinematic event. The result is a perplexing reality of a moving image that is familiar nor completely seperate to our own world. Attenborough is at times fascinated by the possibility of capturing a fleeting moment, and making it permanent, in an attempt to possess the un-possessable. Viewing the work we briefly escape from our surroundings and enter a cinematic landscape that hovers between reality and unreality.


gCatch1 2005, video DVD installation.




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