Martin Sexton's installation ‘If You Talk 2 the Future, it Will listen ' forms part of several mythical beast motifs that have arisen in recent examples of his work and is described by the artist as a ‘sculptural poem.' A unicorn with an obelisk as cornucopia rises emblazoned; embossed with an ancient cartouche, which reveals in transliteration an incantation from the ancient Egyptian-magician priests of Sais (their spell providing its title). This work forms another part of Martin Sexton's on going ‘Physical Literature' series.

Martin Sexton is known as a genuinely controversial artist whose work continues to divide opinion, absorbing, challenging and transforming the world around him; he is at odds with the current precept that it is impossible to produce anything original or authentic. He constantly refers to his work as ‘writing' and objects created to be ‘sculptural poems'. Everything he produces is heavy with myth and inherent narrative.