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Louise Camrass - Who Women Are
(with Anne-Caroline Breig, Rose Gibbs)
Jan 24 - Feb 23, 2008

For the New Year and running through Valentine's Day 2008 (the day of flowers and chocolates sent out of obligation to her indoors or the girlfriend, or daringly to some girl he fancies) we proudly present a show of three women who turn the tables and return the gifts, with interest. You can take your cheap gnarled up little roses and hastily chosen sickly chocolates and stuff them up your arses. We won't be wooed with objects, because next you'll want us to be objects. We make our own objects which object to your objectification of us, amongst other things.

For the purposes of this show it matters that these three are women. Our thesis is that they have reacted against their sexist environments, their brutish boyfriends, their fathers, their mothers, their families, their doctors, their teachers etc, and boldly struck out on a path of expression, liberation, and art.

How Women Are shows that women aren't what you think (sometimes they are men, as in Camrass's films of transvestites). The three women subvert traditionally feminine practices such as watercolour, sewing, and pottery. Why choose these delicate methods? Because with the feather we can tickle the feet of the 1000 pound gorilla in the room (sexism) and perhaps get him to f*ck off

Louise Camrass: is appropriately named, she makes funny films about love, transvestites, and stuff. She paints fast watercolours of phallocentric painters too. Her films and other work have been shown at galleries including the ICA and Bloomberg Space.






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