Ode to Sartorial

Sartorial Contemporary Art ‘The very button of fashion'
A showcase of our gallery's finest artists.
"The most smile inducing, thought provoking and awe inspiring work around."

‘Ode to Sartorial’ brings a mix of both recent graduates and young contemporary artists with strong profiles who are beginning to become leading lights in the contemporary art world.

Curated by Gretta Sarfaty Marchant

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Rebel Magazine
Spring issue


News ‘Interview’
Harry Pye in Kopenhagen
Galleri Tom Christoffersen

The popstar Mr Solo / painter Mikey Georgeson represented by Sartorial performs his Sartorial
theme tune

'Mother Love'
at Sartorial gallery

'Your Mum'
Sartorial Mothers show
Dont Panic Magazine

'MOTHERS' by Harry Pye
100 Artist's Mothers
charity event
The Independent

makes space for
Candy Coloured Himmler' Sunday Times

'The 50 Least Powerful'
The Rebel magazine

'Meet next generation
of artists coming up
from the street'
The Independent

'Saatchi buys a Nazi'
Jasper Joffe,
makes headlines.
The Jewish Chronicle

Rebel Magazine
in Conversation with
Ana Finel Honigman

Rebel Magazine
Class Issue
Rebel Yell

Mikey Georgeson
Sartorial's pop star
in residence

The £100 record by
The Thurston Revival
The Times

James Jessop
at Thomas Cohn
in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tiki Chris

'People Think
I am insane'
about Harry Pye
The Times