Born 1975, Lives and works in London


Royal College of Art - MA Fine Art Painting
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design - BA(Hons) Fine Art in Painting
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design - Art and Design Foundation Studies

Solo Exhibitions

Gordon Cheung , Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester
Gordon Cheung , Thomas Cohn Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hollow Sunsets , Houldsworth Gallery, London
Sprawl , DomoBaal Gallery, London

Selected Exhibitions

Arrivals/Departures , URBIS Museum, Manchester - (Curated by Sally Lai and Yuen Fong Ling)
2006 Beyond the Grave: Painting Power, Painting Death, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London -
(Curated by Hugh Mendes)
2005 BRITISH ART SHOW 6 , BALTIC, Gateshead (Touring UK – Curated by Alex Farquharson and Andrea Schlieker; organised by Hayward Gallery)
NLK (in association with Armory Show), Soho House, New York - (Curated by Simon Rumley, Ed Burke)
New London Kicks (TBC), Wooster Projects, New York (Curated by Simon Rumley and Ed Burke)
Art News , Raid Projects, Los Angeles (Curated by Hugh Mendes)
USUK 2 , Three Colts Gallery, London
ARCO Art Fair - Independents , Houldsworth Gallery, Madrid
Faux Realism , Royal Academy Pumphouse Gallery, London (Curated by Gavin Nolan)
Building Capacity , Storey Gallery, Lancashire UK - (with Lucy Gunning, Hiraki Sawa and others)
Art LA , Cynthia Broan Gallery, LA, USA
2005 Caution: Uneven Surfaces , Temporary Contemporary, London (Curated by Anthony Gross, Jen Wu)
Art News , Three Colts Gallery, London - (with Martin Creed, Gillian Wearing Amikan Toren and others)
Zoo Art Fair , London (with Flaca Gallery)
Grey Goo , Flaca Gallery, London (Curated by Tom Humphreys)
Horizon of Expectations , The Empire, London (Curated by Caroline List)
Halbes Haus , Three Colts Gallery, London (Curated by Dave Farnham and Boo Ritson)
Thermo 04 , with Castlefield Gallery, Lowry Museum, Salford
Le Petit Paysage , Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool (Toured UK - Curated by David Hancock)
Perspectives , Galerie Koch, Germany
Stray Show , Chicago, USA
Apopalyptical , Houldsworth Gallery, London
Collage , Bloomberg Space, London - (with Chris Ofili, Frank Stella, Richard Prince, Robert Rauchenberg and others - Curated by Sacha Craddock, David Risley, Graham Gussin and Stephen Hepworth)
HALF LIGHT , Rockwell, London
One Day , Gallery Coridoor, Iceland
2003 Yes, I am a Long Way from Home , Nunnery, London (inc catalogue)
Toured: Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury and Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland - (with Peter Doig, Paul Morrison, George Shaw, and others. Curated by Bob Matthews and Roger Kelly)
Vasl , VM Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
Intervention , John Hansard Gallery, Southampton - (with Ron Arad, Foreign Investment, Runa Islam and others. Curated by Kathy Kenny and Vanda Playford)
Sense and Nonsense , Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London (with Marcel Broodthaers, James Lee Byars and others - Curated by Gerry Smith)
Drawing 100 , Drawingroom Project, Tannery, London - (with Julian Opie, Paul Noble, Langlands and Bell, Rachel Whiteread and others)
Trans- , Kyoto Art Centre, Japan - (Curated by Kohei Nawa)
ArtFutures , Contemporary Art Society, London
Portal- , Studio J, Osaka, Japan
2002Unscene , Gasworks, London (inc catalogue)
Wellworth , Keith Talent Gallery, London
CD1 , Marlborough Fine Arts, London (inc catalogue)
2001 The Show , Royal College of Art, London (inc catalogue)
Assembly , Stepney City, London – Curator and organiser (inc catalogue)
2000 Painting 2000 , Royal College of Art, London (inc catalogue)
Fakescape , Mellow Birds, Underwood Street, London

Awards / Resdences

2005 Residency (TBC), Conneticut, USA
2004 BOC Emerging Artist Award Finalist - (Selected by Sarah Kent: Time Out Arts editor, Karen Wright: Modern Painters editor, Marcus Harvey: Artist, Roy Exley: Critic/Curator)
Pizza Express Prospects Prize Finalist , Tea Building, London - (Selected by Tim Marlow: White Cube exhibitions director, Fiona Bradley: Fruitmarket Gallery Director, Simon Groom: Exhibitions Director of Tate Liverpool, Graham Gussin: Artist/Curator and Rachel Lowe: Artist)
Jerwood Drawing Prize Finalist – Toured UK: Jerwood Space, University of Gloucestershire, Bayart, mac, EICH Gallery and The Lowry (selected by Basil Beattie: Artist, Mary Doyle: Co-founder of Drawingroom, Tony Godfrey: Director of Sotheby's Institute of Art)
2003 Breathe Residency , Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester
Triangle Arts Trust International Artist Fellowship - Nominated by Gasworks Gallery
Jerwood Solo Platform Nominee
VASL Residency , Pakistan - Nominated by Gasworks Gallery
Arts Council England International Art Award
British Council International Arts Award
2000 Diffuse Asia, Kyoto Art Centre Residency , Japan
Lexmark European Painting Prize Finalist , London
1999 Socrates Travel Award for Berlin
John Minton Travel Award for Paris
TI Travel Award for Budapest
Paris Studio Residency , Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
The Gilchrist-Fisher Award Finalist , Rhg, London (inc catalogue)
1998 Space Studio Residency 98/99 , Space Studios, Old Street, London
Arte Viva Residency and competition - Painting First PrizeWinner, Italy (Judges: Enzo Cucchi and Pomodoro Giacometti)

Selected Press

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