An exhibition about happiness and being blessed

Whose Go Is It? Harry Pye with Rowland Smith 2009 (acrylic on canvas)

From the 25th of March to the 18th April Private View: Tuesday 24th March 6.30 to 10pm

'Getting Better' is Harry Pye's 2nd solo show at Sartorial. More than two years in the making,
this is the biggest selection of his work to date. Harry Pye: "The show is called Getting Better
because getting better is what I'm interested in doing. I know some people like to think that the
best art was made by tortured souls but sometimes happy people make great paintings too.
I have been lucky enough to collaborate with artists such as Hannah Armstrong, Billy Childish,
Marcus Cope, Luke Gottellier, Kes Richardson, Rowland Smith, and Geraldine Swayne. I think
this show contains the best paintings I've ever had a hand in making. It's a positive exhibition
and it's irony free. So why not come along, forget your troubles and get happy with me." 

The Private View of 'Getting Better' co-incides with the launch of issue 5 of Sartorial's in
house publication, 'The Rebel' magazine. The new issue has been designed by Harry Pye with
help from Keith Sargent of Immprint. It features a revealing interview about art and religion
with Billy Childish and Geraldine Swayne, as well as photography by Mat Humphrey and
Charlie Dutton, new artwork by Gretta Sarfaty Marchant, and a new story by John Moseley.