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2011 Sept 29 - Oct 18 LANDSCAPE- Marcus Freeman's new paintings
Jun 7 - July 28 PERFORMATIVE- The show looks to scrutinise the margins of theatricality permitted by modern day life, and arts attempt at dealing with the bombardment of visual stimuli that hinders it.: Jake and Dinos Chapman, Nicola Ruben Montini and Gretta Sarfaty
Apr 6 - May 13 TASSEOGRAPHY - Olympia Polymeni's first solo show in the UK
Feb 3 - Mar 25

IT'S TIME TO GO I HAVE NO MORE BREAST - The notorious Burning Candy crew: Sartorial's fond farewell to street art

2010 Dec 8 - Dec 23 REUBEN LOOYENGA - IL QUOTIDIANO ALTERATO - New Interventions on Everyday Texts, by recent MFA graduate from Central St Martins
Sept 29 - Oct 28 HARRY PYE'S VALUES - New Paintings and Video. This exhibition coincides with the launch of a limited edition of The Rebel magazine, The Values Issue
Sept 9 - Sept 24 WE'RE IN IT FOR THE MONEY - Stella Vine Paintings
Jun 26 - Sept 25
9 SHEDS - Gretta Sarfaty invited friends-artists to interact with her 9 sheds: Olly Beck, Gordon Beswick, Katerina Botsari, Simcha Elias, Mikey Georgeson, Russell Herron, Mark Leadbetter, Alison Marchant, Liz Neal, Jill Rock, Marianne Spur, Paul Tecklenberg, Harry Pye, Florin Ungureanu . Russell Herron curated shed with Marianne Spur and Stewart Gough.
July 7 - July 30
CHAOS / XAOS an exploration -The structured Platonic forms of Jill Rock& Richard Cardew meet the explosive paintings of Katerina Botsari
May 26 - June 26 DECADENT DYNASTY - Wen Wu
Apr 28 - May 22 TRAGICOSMIC - Mikey Georgeson
Mar 11 - Apr 3 LIZ NEAL - New Paintings (solo exhibition)
Feb 10 - Mar 6 THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY - Interactive Performance Installation by Gretta Sarfaty with the participation of Francesco Quaglia. Introductory text by
Olly Beck. The exhibition coincides with the launch of 'The Rebel' magazine (Community Issue)

Dec 17 - Dec 25

FORTRESS SARTORIAL 2009 - Interactive Performance Installation by Jeni Snell and Group exhibition with the art work results from Panick workshops at Corams Fields Youth Resource Centre and South Camden Youth Access Point. Sponsored by the Arts Council, O2 and Camden Council
Nov 27 - Dec 19 URBANART - Panik, Cyclops, James Jessop, Rowdy and Sweet Toof
Nov 27 - Dec 19

THE IMPOSSIBLE ROOM - Olly Beck (solo exhibition)

Oct 30 - Nov 20

LUST FOR LIFE - Ann-Caroline Breig (solo exhibition)

Oct 2 - Oct 23

FIVEYEARS - Group exhibition with Julie Bennett, Gordon Cheung, Sam Dargan, Mikey Georgeson, Sigrid Holmwood, James Howard, Wen Wu, Annie Kevans, Hugh Mendes, Liz Neal, Gavin Nolan, Tim Parr, Stephen Peirce, Harry Pye, Martin Sexton, Stella Vine and Isabel Young
SCAPE - Caline Aoun (solo exhibition)

Sept 4 - Sept 25

- James Howard (solo exhibition)
July 8 - July 30
THIS WAS NOW - 'The Russell Herron Collection': Harry Pye curates a selection from the late Russell Herron's collection of over 300 artworks. Artists in the show include Jeremy Deller, Graham Hudson, David Shrigley and Mie Mørkeberg (click here to read more)
II LOVE YOU AS A MURDERER LOVES THEIR VICTIMS - James Unsworth ( solo exhibition)
Jun 4 - Jun 27 NEVER SMILE AT A CROCODILE - Rowdy (solo exhibition)
May 1 - May 23

GRETTA'S PERMUTATION - Gretta Sarfaty (Multimedia Video Instalation). Text by Olly Beck, it coincides with 'The Rebel' magazine launch (Body Art Summer Special) with Harry Pye, Neal Brown, Sally O'Reilly, Terry Dennett, Jo Spence, Mark McGowan and many, many more...
- Installation with 3
films by Gordon Beswick showing Gretta's journey.
Mar 25 - Apr 18
GETTING BETTER - Harry Pye (solo exhibition). The exhibition coincides with the launch of 'The Rebel ' magazine
Feb 20 - Mar 14 SOME PRODUCT- Liz Neal (solo exhibition)
Dec 3 - Jan 2

GRETTA'S PROGRESS - Sartorial presents Gretta Sarfaty at Leeds College of Art & Design. Curated by Olly Beck & Harry Pye. As part of the exhibition there will be a live 30 minutes Art Opera Performance Installation 'Again and Again' by Gretta Sarfaty and Mister Solo. The exhibition coincides with lectures about the exhibition with Jasper Joffe and Harry Pye with the participation of James Jessop and launch of Gretta's Progress 3 films by Gordon Beswick

2008 Dec 18 - Feb 4

FOOL'S GOLD - Martin Lea Brown (solo exhibition)
SWEET TOOF - New Paintings (solo exhibition)

Nov 19 - Dec 13
DOES THE ROYAL FAMILY LIKE PORNOGRAPHY (sic)? - Jasper Joffe  (solo exhibition)

Oct 16 - Nov 11

REMEMBER MY NAME - Grand opening exhibition of the gallery new space at Kings Cross: Julie Bennett, Sarah Doyle, Mikey Georgeson, Mat Humphrey, James Jessop, Jasper Joffe, Annie Kevans, Cathy Lomax, Martin McGinn, Gavin Nolan, Harry Pye, Chris Tosic and Gavin Toye
-Urban Street Artists exhibition: Cyclops Sweet Toof and Tek33 . Includes launch of limited edition book, text by Olly Beck
Nov 7 - Nov 30 FEMALE RAGE AND MODEL CAR - An exhibition with works by Marcus Cope and Stephanie Moran
Sep 11 - Oct 1 THE PORTRAIT - An exhibition of works by Mat Humphrey and Wen Wu
Aug 6, 13, 20, 27
FOUR BY FOUR - Four solo shows in four weeks together with the launch of limited edition prints by Chris Tosic, Marcus Freeman, Anka Dabrowska and Martin McGinn. Curated by Harry Pye. The exhibition coincides with the launch of 'The Rebel' magazine ' (Summer Issue)
June 26 - July 23
UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL - Portrait paintings by Julie Bennett , Lee Maelzel and Matthew Stradling
May 23 - June 19
MY MAGIC LIFE - Mikey Georgeson (solo exhibition) with the participation of a.k.a Monkey Face with Eddie Argos and Nathan Penlington
May 19 - June 27 BURNING CANDY - Sartorial Contemporary Art presents 'Burning Candy' at Leeds College and Arts & Design. Graffiti based urban street artists exhibition with Cyclops, Sweet Toof and Tek33. The exhibition coincides with llaunch of 'Burning Candy', a Sartorial limited edition book. Text by Olly Beck
April 8 - May 3

SUPERGRAPHIC - Simon Collins, Paul Haworth, James Unsworth. Curated by Jasper Joffe.
The exhibition coincides with the launch of 'The Rebel' magazine ' (Honesty Issue)

12 Mar - 2 Apr ODE TO SARTORIAL - Gretta has selected one fantastic new piece of art: Julie Bennett, Cyclops, Gemma Cumming, Mikey Georgeson, Rose Gibbs, James Jessop, Jasper Joffe, Hugh Mendes, Gavin Nolan, Stephen Peirce,, Harry Pye, Sweet Toof and James Unsworth. Curated by Greta Sarfaty Marchant
Feb 29 - Mar 8
MOTHERS - Curated by Harry Pye: 100 artists pay tribute to their mums including; Dinos Chapman, Billy Childish, Nicola Hicks MBE, Mat Humphrey, Neil Innes, Chantal Joffe, Jasper Joffe, Andrew Mania, Liz Neal, Grayson Perry, Vic Reeves, David Shrigley, Anj Smith, Geraldine Swayne, Francis Upritchard,
Daisy de Villenurve, Sophie Von Hellerman, Richard Wathen and many, many more.....
24 Jan - Feb 23
HOW WOMEN ARE - Ann-Caroline Breig , Louise Camras and Rose Gibbs
ANTI-VALENTINES DAY - Interactive Performance Installation with Ann-Caroline Breig , Louise Camras and Rose Gibbs
2007 Dec 13 - Jan 19

NOTTING HEAVEN - Group Exhibition: Max Attenborough, Andrew Bannister, Julie Bennett, Gemma Cumming, Tomas Downes, Sarah Dwyer, Stephen Harwood, Mikey Georgeson, Takayuki Hara, Martin Lea Brown, Peter L amb, Ursula Llewellyn, Gretta Sarfaty, Martin McGinn, Nathan 80, Stephen Peirce, Linda Persson, Fran Richardson, Martin Sexton, Terry Smith, Ruth Uglow, James Unsworth , Stephen Walter + Launch of 'The Rebel' magazine - Class Issue
Nov 9 - Dec 5

HOW MEN ARE - Mat Humphrey, August Künnapu, Christopher Owen, Harry Pye, Kes Richardson, Gavin Toye. Curated by Harry Pye

Oct 10 - Nov 3
CHRISTHOPHER DAVIES - (solo exhibition)
Sept 6 - Oct 3
NIGHT OF THE DEMON - James Jessop (solo exhibition)
August 28

THE THURSTON REVIVAL - 12 acclaimed British Artists sign 10 Lmtd ed. prints for record cover: Edward Ward , Geraldine Swayne, Jasper Joffe, Gretta Sarfaty, Cathy Lomax, Harry Pye, Mikey Georgeson, Julie Bennett, Mat Humphrey, Hannah Bays , Scott King, Sarah Doyle

Aug 3 - Aug 25
IT TAKES TWO II - James Jessop & Harry Pye with the participation of Gordon Beswick, Ann-Caroline Breig, Billy Childish, Chris Davies, Mat Humphrey, Jasper Joffe, Martin Lea Brown, Liz Murray, Gavin Nolan, Kes Richardson, Frank Sidebottom, Rowland Smith, Sarah Sparkes, Akiko Usami, Edward Ward
June 15 - July 28
BUCK NAKED PAINTING - Jasper Joffe (solo exhibition)

May 11 - June 8

NEW WORK - Tim Parr (solo exhibition)
April 18 - May 5
DEATH FROM ABOVE - Hugh Mendes (solo exhibition)
Feb 16 - Mar 30

ME, ME, ME - Harry Pye (solo exhibition)

Dec 12 - Feb 8 ARTISTIC VANDALS II - Curated by James Jessop at Sartorial Contemporary Art: Martin Lea Brown, Tomas Downes, Cyclops, Gretta Sarfaty, Nathan 80, Noogie, O.two, Mr. P / Shaze, James Jessop, William Tuck, Martin Walter (click here for PR)
Nov 9 - Dec 1

UNNATURAL SELECTION - Gavin Nolan (solo exhibition)

Oct 13 - Nov 2

OBSESSION - Group exhibition curated by Robin Mason: Allman-Mason, Debra Allman, Andy Bannister, Ann-Caroline Breig, Michael Buhler, Tony Carter, Gerald Davies, Teresita Dennis, Zavier Ellis, Tessa Farmer, Conrad Frankel, Shelly Goldsmith, Andrew Grassie, Takayuki Hara, Barnaby Hosking, Jane Howarth, Katarina Ivanisin, James Jessop, Tatsuya Kimata, Mette Klarskov Larsen, Gretta Sarfaty, Robin Mason, Hektor Mamet, Hugh Mendes, Gavin Nolan, Kate Palmer, Tim Parr, Hideyuki Sawayanagi, Wendy Smith, Amikam Toren, James Unsworth

Oct 6 - Oct 29

ARTISTIC VANDALS I - Sartorial Contemporary Art at 'nomoregrey' (East London Gallery). Group exhibition with Martin Lea Brown, Tomas Downes, Gretta Sarfaty, William Tuck, Nathan 80, Noogie, O.Two, Mr.P, Shaze, Tek 33. Curated by James Jessop with Gretta Sarfaty Marchant
Sept 8 - Oct 5
SUBWAY GHOSTS - James Jessop (click here for PR)

July 7 - Aug 1

HEATHEN THRESHOLD - Sarah Dwyer, Tim Parr, Ruth Uglow and Rui Matsunaga
June 24 - July 16
HALF LIFE - Sartorial Contemporary Art at Fieldgate Gallery (East London): Group exhibition with Maxwell Attenborough, Christopher Davies, Richard Ducker, Lee Holden, Mat Humphrey, Caroline List, Gretta Sarfaty, Gavin Nolan, Terry Smith and Isabel Young
May 16 - June 28 PEOPLE LIKE US - Sartorial Contemporary Art group exhibition for the launch of 'nomoregrey' (East London Gallery). Rose Gibbs, Sarah Dwyer, Rose Gibbs, James Jessop, Jasper Joffe, Peter Lamb, Gretta Sarfaty, Gavin Nolan , Harry Pye , Martin Sexton, Stella Vine. Curated by Gretta Sarfaty with Jasper Joffe. The show coincides with 'The Rebel Magazine' by Harry Pye
May 10 - June 7 BETWEEN WORLDS - Maxwell Attenborough, Caroline List and Isabel Young
Apr 25 - May 5

WATER - Jasper Joffe - Book launch & multimedia collaborative exhibition with: Markus Vater, Akiko Usami, Jaime Gili, Paul Haworth, Mike Ralph, Stephen Nelson, House of O'Dwyer, Catrin Huber, Harry Pye, Tara Cranswick, Kit Wise, Rose Gibbs, Stella Vine, Sonia Khurana, Simeon Banner, Gretta Sarfaty, Martin Sexton , Adam Dant, Phil McCluney, Peter Lamb , Jared Fisher, Si Sapsford, Daiana Stanescu, James Jessop , Marta Marce, Saron Hughes, Peter Harris, Justin Coombes, Louise Camrass , Jesse Chambers, Matthew Collings, Rowland Smith, Vasiliki Gkotsi, Alex Hamilton
Mar 9 - Apr11 EXHAUSTION - Richard Ducker, Richard Livingston, Martin Sexton
Feb 8 - Mar 7 BEYOND THE GRAVE - 'Painting power, painting death' with Gordon Cheung, Annie Kevans, Hugh Mendes. Text by Craig Burnett. Supported by the Arts Council of England

Dec 21 - Feb 06

THE DEVIANTS II - James Jessop and Gavin Nolan
Nov 16 - Dec 14 BRAND _X - Sam Dargan , Peter Lamb , William Turner
Oct 15 - Nov 13 CLOWN - Jasper Joffe (solo exhibition)
Sept 15 - Oct 14 THE DEVIANTS - James Jessop and Gavin Nolan
June 17 - July 14 CURRENT VISION -Group exhibition with Simeon Banner, John Dargan, Angela Eaton, Rochelle Fry, Alison Hand, Kevin Jones, Dejan Kaludjerovic, Caroline List, Fiona Lumbers, Gretta Sarfatyt, Jost Münste, JA Nicholls, Frixos Papantoniou, Greg Rook, Joby Williamson
May 12 - June 9 DOLORE - Group exhibition with Clare Chapman, Marcus Cope, Martin Dukes, Mat Humphrey ,Stephanie Moran, Liz Neil, Klarita Pandolfi, Harry Pye, Anj Smith, Catherine Story, Thion, Phillip Wilson-Perkin. Curated by Klarita Pandolfi with Harry Pye
Mar 11 - Apr 28 POCKET-SCOPIC - Christopher Davies , Sigrid Holmwood, Simcha & Gretta , Joanna Whittle, Isabel Young
Feb 2 - Mar 2 GREEN DOOR - Group exhibition with Ann-Caroline Breig , Sam Dargan, Edori Fertig, James Jessop, Jasper Joffe, Peter Lamb , Gretta Sarfaty, Hugh Mendes, Gavin Nolan, William Turner, Stella Vine
Nov 23 - Jan 23
SOULMATES - Gretta Sarfaty, Hugh Mendes and Stella Vine



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