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Annie Kevans - Remember My Name
(Group Exhibition)
November 19 - December 13, 2008

Annie's work reflects her interests in power, manipulation and the role of the individual in inherited belief systems. The image of a child is easily recognisable as a human in its most unaffected state. Annie uses this image as a metaphor, juxtaposing it with ideas relating to, for example, evil and power. She hopes that her images will raise questions about how and why a person, or group of persons, behaves in a certain way. As Foucault explained, a person's identity is not preset rather, it is determined by the interactions of a person with another and is, therefore, a shifting temporary construction.

Annie's work looks at ideas of personal responsibility within structures determined by time and place and the role of those who create those structures. Executed in deft and delicate brushstrokes, there's a melancholy in these near monochrome portraits.

Louise Brooks played vamps in early silent films. She was sexually abused by a neighbour as a child and began her acting career as a dancer. She famously had an affair with Charlie Chaplin and her hair style was copied by millions of women around the world. She turned her back on Hollywood and moved to Germany where she made experimental films. She was shunned by Hollywood on her return and ended up an alcoholic sales girl / courtesan. Her work was rediscovered and she enjoyed some success as a writer in her later life.

.'Mary Brooks' (Louise Brooks) 2008. Oil on paper, 50 x 40 cm




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