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Sartorial Contemporary Art was founded in 2005 by Greta Sarfaty Marchant, artist and curator, as a project-led space. Originally based in an 18th century Georgian house on Kensington Church Street. Sartorial Contemporary Art moved to Kings Cross in October 2008 where it has built a reputation for embracing newly emerging artists.

Gretta has earned international acclaim as a performance artist, in particular the body art movement, since the late 70’s. Alongside her artistic practiceand being the founder of Sartorial Contemporary Art, and since 2010 has been running a family trust the Alegre Sarfaty Collection (

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SARTY Ltd. is officially closed, this website will be Sartorial Contemporary Art's' gallery archive site and the artist's pages will not be updated further.
SARTY Ltd. under the name of Sartorial Contemporary Art has ceased to operate as a business since September 2012.

Sartorial Contemporary Art will only accept unsolicited submissions sent by email, but cannot guarantee a response.
Any material sent to the gallery will not be returned, portfolios brought to the gallery will not be viewed without prior arrangement

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