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Terry Smith - Notting Heaven
(Group exhibition)
Dec 13 - Jan 19, 2007

The central concern in my work is the process of experimentation. 

I am not aligned to any particular medium, and I work in what ever material is to hand or which seems the most appropriate.

Early interventions in houses in the East End of London were made illegally breaking into buildings and just making the work. 

I have often been asked to make work in dangerous sites, where it is impossible to bring an audience. 

I guess I see the fact of showing work as a chance to communicate and show the things that intrigue me and show the things I am curious about. 

I see exhibitions as a set of propositions, rather than as an end game.

My practice involves a lot of improvisation, changes of mind, redirection, my working process is open and fluid and it as always seemed quite at odds with my practice, that I walked out of the space just as the audience walked in.



Half Measure, 2006. Half erased wooden ruler. Edition 10




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