Untitled 2009 Acrylic and mixed media on main gallery wall 400 x 900 cm


Some Product confides in us, through fragmentary imagery, the life journey of the artist from her native village in Wales to London, and the journey from the countryside to the city of a generation with no paradigms, those people born in the conjuncture of the 1970's and thrown into the fray of the 1980's without being prepared for the global society. People who grew up with the puritanical Sunday sermon and the weekday discovery of sexuality through pornographic magazines.
Liz Neal embodies the freedom, desperation and aggressiveness of not knowing what god to worship, what party to vote for, what sex to feel attracted to, consuming and experiencing everything around, getting the tongue burnt and waiting to be doomed by a younger generation; more self-conscious and smart or more pure and simple.

Liz Neal grew up in North Wales, and attended Middlesex University. Graduated with an MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in 2001, her work was immediately snapped up by the Anthony D'Offay Gallery and the entire collection was bought by Saatchi. Since then she has had solo shows globally.

Mary 2008 Oil on canvas 165 x 120 cm