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Lee Holden - Half Life
(Sartorial Contemporary Art at Fieldgate Gallery with Maxwell Attenborough, Christopher Davies, Richard Ducker, Mat Humphrey, Caroline List, Gretta Sarfaty, Gavin Nolan, Terry Smith, Isabel Young)
June 24 - July 16, 2008
Lee Holden has adopted the term ?We Neither Confirm Nor Deny? to refer to issues of power surrounding the definition of the public's position towards the mainstream mass media and other forms of technological control. Anyone who has witnessed his installation and performance work knows the seriousness with which this artist launches his critique of the dishonesty and the ethical failure of humanity in western culture.

In the introduction to the exhibition catalogue EAST International 2005, Curator Lynda Morris writes: ?In his performance work Holden pushes himself and his audiences to the extreme edge experienced by the losers who are marginalized and alienated and pushed to the edge of our cities. The connection of the abuse of drugs and alcohol, violence and homelessness, poverty and unemployment and the material celebration of glamour, advertising, speed, success and winning wars are explored and made visible in Holden's work.?

In his most recent work ?Full Spectrum Dominance? he employs ideas influenced by the life and research of Alan Turing, the pioneer of the digital computer and in particular Turing's involvement with the British Secret Intelligence in cracking the Enigma code during the Second World War.





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