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Jeni Snell - Concrete Jungle
(with Anka Dabrowska)
October 30 - November 20, 2009

Jeni Snell invites visitors to Sartorial Contemporary Art to graffiti her inflatable bunker, Fortress Sartorial 2009 . Exploring the conflicting and troubling relationship between childhood innocence and the architecture of war has been a consistently developed theme throughout Snell's work.
The Fortress Sartorial event will take this soft sculpture to a new point of conclusion that explores the more illicit relationship between community and environment, in this case young people and derelict buildings; graffiti, illegal parties, sex and drugs. Snell is interested in the re-animation of redundant military buildings and urban architectural space.

Fortress Sartorial
will prompt our reconsideration of space, place and the effect that our environment has on how we perceive and interact to it.





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