"It Takes Two Part 2" - James Jessop & Harry Pye

Private View Thursday 2nd August 6:30 – 9 pm
3rd - 25th August 2007 / Tues to Sat 1:30 – 6:30 pm

Sartorial Contemporary Art is thrilled to announce a great exhibition featuring work by not only James Jessop and Harry Pye but also some very special guests.

Last year, two of Sartorial's most prominent artists Jessop and Pye began collaborating on a series of works that paid tribute to 80's hip hop legends such as Eric B & Rakim. Curator Robert Wornum approached Gretta Sarfaty Marchant of Sartorial and told her the two artists he most wanted to open his new gallery with were James and Harry. Their exhibition, "It Takes Two" took Northampton by storm and the Fishmarket recieved up to 80 visitors a day throughout April and May 07.

As well as their collaborations with each other Jessop and Pye also collaborated with a galaxy of their art star pals. James made paintings with Jasper Joffe, Ann-Caroline Breig, Gavin Nolan, Christopher Davies, and Akiko Usami. And Harry made paintings with friends such as Sarah Sparkes, Billy Childish, Rowland Smith, Frank Sidebottom and Mat Humphrey.

Come to Sartorial in August and witness a new and improved version of "It Takes Two". Harry Pye will be unveiling 4 new works made with Gordon Beswick, Liz Murray, Kes Richardson and Edward Ward. Meanwhile James Jessop is plotting with Martin Lea Brown to give the gallery entrance a renovation by stamping their unique brand of graffiti genius.

“It Takes Two" is a celebration of the art of collaboration that will make you think more than once and smile more than twice. James Jessop and Harry Pye are both represented by Sartorial Contemporary Art.

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