Gretta has been a leading international artist since 1973. She is Brazilian of Italo-Greek origins, born in Greece and brought up in Brazil . She has lived and worked in São Paulo , Paris , Stuttgart , Milan , New York , and now based in her Kensington studio in London , as a British/Brazilian citizen.

The artist's work has been exhibited in major institutions around the world, including the Centre Georges Pompidou ‘Beaubourg' in Paris, the Palazzo dei Damanti in Ferrara , the Museu de Arte de São Paulo , the International Cultureel Centrum in Antwerp and the inauguration of the Trump Tower in New York .

The execution and presentation of her work is extremely diverse, spanning from performance Art to Collage; Video and Digital Art to Photography; and to more traditional paintings, drawings and prints.



Gretta's talent is such that, apart from her exciting and sometimes shocking works, she can also produce technically superb paintings. In one of her projects, entitled “Self Portrait of Brazil”, she interviewed and painted 50 legendary people from Brazil , who have most influenced the local culture during the 1970's. During the year 1983 a book covering the show, exhibited at the Museu de Arte de São Paulo and the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes do Rio de Janeiro was published in three languages.

In 1985 she curated, directed, and wrote the script for an interactive multimedia Art Opera event called La Maja in Goya Time . The concept was bringing Goya's paintings to life.

In 1988 she was invited by Timothy Binkley, the Dean at The School of Visual Arts ‘Computer Graphics' in New York, to

create a Video-Installation entitled Symmetrical Reincarnations , this was presented at Museums and Universities around America.

In 1993, she was asked to be the art consultant for the film The Portait , starring Lauren Baccall and Gregory Peck, directed by Arthur Penn.

The script was based on her life with her New York loft duplicated for the sets, using her original paintings.

Her first show in London was entitled Reflections of a Woman (1997) followed by The World of Horseracing (2000) then The Myth of Womanhood / Youth Versus Gravity in 2002.

Gretta is always studying new technologies and their impact on the creative art world.



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