Artist's Biography

Elvio Becheroni was born in Firenze in 1934. He lived and worked in Milan and São Paulo, Brazil. From 1962 he exhibited Bronzes and Wood Sculptures and Paintings in major Museums and Galleries in Europe and South America, including the Palazzo dei Diamante de Ferrara and the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo. His works can be found in several important private collections, Museums and Institutions around the world.

With the words of Rafael Squirru;

Becheroni's art, since it is such, loses nothing of its force through transposition of boundary. His time, nomere extension of man's adventure, finds accomplishment in the law of transfiguration, which only through high temperature can redeem the opaqueness of matter by illuminating it with the imprint of the mind.

It is pleasant to think that, sprung from the same soil that gave birth to Michelangelo's David, this sculptor of the macro and microform, has been able to bear such a heavy responsibility on his back, and that this has not prevented him from working out his own language, a faithful reflection of the times in which it has been his lot to live.

Not that Becheroni is one of those who suffer and submit to the dictates of time. In his condition of craftsman and artist, he has no fear of being the one who shapes his epoch in his own image and likeness. With his clean, clear forms, free from excrescences that only serve to make the astronaut and intranaut lose speed, this sculptor and goldsmith of the -for us- old Italy, reveals to us the new spiritual energy that seethes in that peninsula today, reminding us that epochs are the outcome of sensitive intelligence and not the other way round.

The technical progress that continually arouses such amazement and fear is here redeemed through Becheroni's sensitive insight, capable of captivating us with its highly purified synthesis, and giving back to us our confidence as explorers of space whenever it is upheld by the force of humanism within the innermost being.

Some of His Exhibitions
Galleria Goethe , Bolzano, Italy
Galleria Pater, Milano, Italy
Premio Lions Club, Ragusa, Italy
Zodiaque, Geneva, Switzerland
Triennale M.Sironi, Italy
Il Punto Galleria, Italy
Biennale di Menton, France
Galleria Stellaria, Firenze, Italy
Gallerie d'art du Credit Comunale, Belgium
Galleria S.Marco di Giustiniani, Geneva, Switzerland
Kunst'76, Basil, Switzerland
Sculpture Skironio Museum, Athens, Greece
Grand Prix, Galleria La Filanda di Verano, Italy
International 2nd Biennal of Sculpture, Galleria Civica di Campione d'Italia