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Caline Aoun - Scape
(Solo exhibition)
Jan 24 - Feb 23, 2008Oct 2 - 23, 2009

In an era when image production is accelerating Caline Aoun's work revolves around the processes of saturation and dissipation - the points at which information appears to recede into nothingness.

By providing the viewer with eventful readings of our ordinary, exhausted and saturated responses to recurrent daily images Aoun reduces visual representational information to ‘nothingness'. Aoun manipulates the materials used to communicate images, dismantling pre-established modes of recognition – she creates mechanical interventions that play with the viewer's senses and their ways of seeing.

Recent works address the mechanics around which images are being created and represented, their image appearing through the disruption of the printer's own processes - manual decisions to force-feed paper into a printer at different angles, blocking the plotter's suction etc. These disruptions or purposeful malfunctions become signs of waste, tiredness and the failure of representation to represent.

Through transformation and spontaneous disruptions Aoun utilizes the excess energy of a system in order to reveal its inconsistency, often employing the systems themselves through the use of grids and repetitive formats. Such processes result in Aoun's works bearing the traces of their own making, containing their own transcripts in the images re-presented.




  When Sunlight Bounces Off, Inkjet print on found cardboard tube 105.4 x 21 cm; 90.5 x 17 cm



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