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Alison Marchant - 9 Sheds
(group exhibition)
June 26th - September 26th, 2010

'The way some images fade to nothing might fuel it with overtones of mortality...Here the dappled skin of the each image, literally the damaged surface...and it's ungraspable faintness of detail caused by massive enlargement, conspire to defy the natural urge to enter the rooms...light years away from the seductive colour magazine world of gracious living. The tension between Britain 's vigorous self-promotion through its aristocratic heritage of houses and institutions, and another reality of homelessness, sleeping rough and squatting, emerges on a metaphorical level. This dissonance also occurred to Marchant, a naturally political artist' (Martin Holman).




















Charged Atmospheres II. Heat sealed photo on canvas, 243.84 x 304.80cm




26 Argyle Square London WC1H 8AP - - + 44 (0) 20 3556 6395
2011 Sartorial Contemporary Art